Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser

Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser

 Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser

Retail: $22 (buy here)

Hey guys and dolls! I have another product review for you. Today I’m reviewing the Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser. It is one that has been out for a little bit now. I am about 6 months late to the game. Shameful, I know! In my defense, I have had this for two months or so now and have been using it pretty religiously. However, I have been working on getting my blog up and running. Especially, so I could post one of my first reviews on this cleanser/exfoliator. I really like this product that much! If you follow me on Instagram, than you know this is one of the first skin care products that I ever wrote about. So, without further adieu, I review:

This is one of Tarte Cosmetics Best Sellers. It has nearly 5 stars on their website and others such as Sephora and Ulta.

The packaging reads “Get your quick Frxxxtion fix with this three-in-one exfoliator, cleanser, and face mask all in a portable, solid-to-suds stick. With a clarifying cleansing gel powered by the Rainforest of the Sea™ complex and suspended diatomaceous earth microexfoliants, the vegan-friendly formula draws out surface oil and reduces shine, while purifying pores for the deepest clean possible. The hypoallergenic gel stick gently sloughs away dead surface cells and polishes skin as it cleanses to fight dullness and pump up the radiance. Great for all skin types, it can be used on a regular basis without stripping skin’s moisture or left on as a treatment mask to absorb toxins and reveal smooth, glowing skin. Ideal for on-the-go use, this travel-friendly cleanser features a targeted, straight-to-skin applicator that can be massaged directly onto the face so you can get dirty and then sparkle clean all in one fix.”


Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser in use

My Thoughts:

Let me start off by saying I love, love, love this product. Again, I am going to say like I did in one of my previous posts, that skin care usually underwhelmed me. Either I was using the wrong products or I didn’t really notice all that much of a difference because I didn’t need very much from skin care.

Prior to the last year of my life I had “younger” skin. When I say I had younger skin, I don’t mean I look like an old wrinkly hag these days, or do I? No, really what I mean is, I didn’t have any fine lines yet, no wrinkles other than smile lines or the expression lines in my forehead. I didn’t have any acne prone skin and my skin wasn’t all that sensitive. These days I am rock sensitive skin, fine lines, some very faint crows feet and expression lines. Gracefully, one would hope! But, I digress.

Now that I need more from my skin care regimen, I have paid more attention to what I am using; Paying attention to see if it benefits me one way or the other. Now, about this Frxxxtion Stick. It does everything that Tarte says it will in the description. I wrote out my own review prior to looking at the description for the purposes of this post. My review touched on nearly all points.

The packaging is really cute and convenient! I can throw this in my makeup bag and it doesn’t take up all that much room. It can get a bit messy because of the grainy texture but it doesn’t take away how much I like it. This is a really great gentle cleanser and exfoliant. Since it is such a gentle exfoliation you can use it several times a week. It is such an easy application. My skin is incredibly smooth after rinsing it off. My skin is brighter and clearer after adding this to my routine. The really nice thing is that it can also be used as a mask. Some people might feel weird with using it as a mask because of the color. That is not an issue for me. My husband knew all of my crazy before he put a ring on it!

Another really nice surprise benefit is that you can use this as a lip scrub. I ran out of the Tarte Lip Facial Scrub (my review here) and I needed to exfoliate my lips. I used this stick. It actually ended up working BETTER for me. My lips didn’t need to be exfoliated again for another 5 days. That’s HUGE for me since my lips get incredibly dry in the winter. I cannot say enough good things about this product. It’s no secret that I love Tarte Cosmetics but the price is right! And for a 3 in 1 travel friendly skin care product, how could you go wrong?!


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